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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have with us several boxes of Heaven 1 Korean Ginseng Powder and Extract Capsules from the Korean National Board. Ginseng products purchased from the Korean National Board are 100% authentic. These capsules are made from 6 years old original Korean Ginseng Roots, which are at their prime age and are not heaty to consume. Ginseng contains elements that improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure and protect internal organs.

We have friends and friends' mothers who spot a significant improvement in their health and immunity system after taking these capsules. Currently our family and relatives are consuming 2 capsules once a day in the morning, as recommended by the manager at the Korean National Board.

These Ginseng capsules make good health investments and are ideal gifts for your parents and grandparents. As we had bought excess, we are letting go some on hand. Prices and details are as follow. Interested parties, please email us for more information. Thanks!

(6 年根, 100% Platinum, Samsung)
Manufactured date: 19.02.2010

Good for:
1. Windpipe system
2. Sensitive skin
3. Immune system
4. Heavy smoker
5. Anaemia and cold handed or feeted
6. Menopausal disorder
7. Weakness in memory
8. Breathing system

Usage: 1 or 2 capsules after meal, once a day

1 box (250mg x 180 capsules) for S$130

1 set (250mg x 180 capsules x 6 boxes) for S$780
[Package unopened]

(6 年根, 100% Platinum, Samsung)
Manufactured date: 12.01.2010

Good for:
1. High/ low blood pressure
2. High excessive sugar level
3. Stomach and intestine troubles
4. High cholesterol
5. Uric acid
6. Weakness in nervous system
7. Blood clot
8. Liver and kidney problems
9. Men’s stamina
10. Heavy drinker and smoker
11. Weakness in heart

Usage: 1 or 2 capsules after meal, once a day

1 box (550mg x 30 capsules) for S$45
[Package unopened]

1 box (550mg x 110 capsules) for S$170

1 set (550mg x 110 capsules x 9 boxes) for S$1500
[Package unopened]


About us

Freshly back from a short but enjoyable Korea trip ♥
Mad lovers of Korea beauty products & health supplements ♥

Contact us

Drop us a mail at ♥ heaven1gs@hotmail.com

Terms and Conditions

We only do meet-ups so as to ensure we deliver the goods to you safely.

We only accept payment via cash S$ upon meet-ups.

Items sold are non-refundable.


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